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While we try our best to make your online learning experience as trouble-free as possible, we also know that sometimes, trouble arises.

If you do not see the solution to your question here, please fill out a Student Request for Technical Assistance, email or call 850-729-6464 to ask for further assistance. 



These are the most common questions we receive during the first few weeks of a semester:





How do I login to D2L to access my online courses?


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Why am I getting invalid username/password when trying to login to D2L Brightspace?



  • Use Proper Username Format: Be sure to omit the in the username. If your NWF State college E-mail is use only jimmyr for the D2L username.
  • Adjust Password: Try using the password portal to reset/change your password. If you call, we will not be able to look up your password. We can only help you use the password portal to change it. Passwords expire every 60 days.
  • If you get an error when trying to view the login page for D2L, you should try an alternative entry into the D2L system. Try clearing your computer's cache (if you are unsure how to do this, search for "Clear Browser Cache" on a search engine, such as Google).

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Why isn't the D2L Brightspace login page appearing like it normally does? Or, why am I still seeing a Maintenance screen when trying to login to D2L?


  • Try refreshing the page. 
  • Close the browser and reopen it. Try loading the login page again.
  • Try a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Always have a couple of browsers available on the computer you use for your online class. Know that Microsoft Edge (the default browser within Windows 10) is not supported yet and may cause several problems. Learn how to find Internet Explorer within Windows 10. With Edge, also try clicking the "..." in the upper right of the screen and then selecting "Open with Internet Explorer".
  • Try clearing the browser's cache.
  • Be sure pop-up blockers on your computer allow for the D2L site.
  • Reboot the machine and try again.
  • Reset your home network. Unplug and replug the Internet device and wait a few minutes.
  • Try a different computer in a different location. Always plan a backup area to work when doing online work.
  • Fill in a Student Request for Technical Support.
  • Call 850-729-6464

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I see the course in D2L but I can't click it to get to the material in the course?


All courses have Start and End Dates. The default Start and End dates correspond with the Academic Calendar first day of class and last day of class. The instructor has the ability to change those dates if needed for his/her course.

  • Starting/Opening of the course: You will not be able to click the course until after the Start Date has arrived. On that date, the course will turn from a black non-clickable title to a blue clickable-link which will take you to course material.
  • Ending/Closing of the course: You will not be able to click the course after the course End Date has arrived. If you need access after the course has closed, please contact your instructor because they can change the course End Date if it is needed for the class to view material beyond the default End Date.

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Why are some of my courses missing in my course listing within D2L Brightspace?


  • Check that the courses are in your RaiderNet listing.
  • Have you paid for the course? Contact the Registrar if you were in a course and then it no longer appears: 850-729-5374 or
  • Have you been attending the class? After the add/drop timeframe ends, instructors report non-attendance in online classes when work or assignments have not been completed. Yes, you will be removed for non-attendance even in an online course. Contact the instructor if you were in the class and then it was removed and you know that the course has been paid for. The instructor's intervention is required to reinstate you into the D2L course.
  • The course might have been canceled. Contact the instructor or our Admissions/Registrar to see if the course has been canceled. Contact: 850-729-5374 or
  • Currently, most NWF State College non-credit courses do not have a corresponding D2L course.

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Where is the course Syllabus (all information about the course and what I can expect)? How do I get started in this course?


Our instructors use a variety of techniques to share the course Syllabus. The Syllabus is the first and most important document to read before beginning work in the course. Look in these places in hopes of finding the Syllabus:


  • Login to your D2L Brightspace course:
    • Look in the navbar area at the top of the page for a Syllabus link.
    • Look under Course Materials in the navbar area. Often very near to the top of the listing of items in Course Materials, you will find Content or Syllabus links. The Content area often contains the Syllabus as one of the first items.
    • Look in the News area. Typically one of the first News items includes a link to the Syllabus for the course. Sometimes News can be found in the Course Home area or the navbar area or under Course Materials.
  • Check your NWF State College E-mail. Sometimes instructors send a welcome E-mail that includes the course Syllabus as an attachment. As a side note, plan to use your NWF State College E-mail for all official course correspondence. Check it regularly for course/instructor communication.
  • Some instructors maintain websites for their courses that have a link to the Syllabus. Check any faculty websites made available to you.
  • Look for a point of contact for the instructor either in the course (use Classlist and click the instructor's name) or in an E-mail from the instructor. Then E-mail or call the instructor to ask him/her where to find the course Syllabus. 

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Why do the dates in the Syllabus seem wrong?


We have many instructors who have taught for many years at NWF State College. It is possible they have missed adjusting a few dates as they move Course Material from one semester to another. Contact the instructor by looking for an E-mail or phone number in the course Syllabus. Alternatively, you may click Classlist in the D2L course and click the instructor's name to begin an E-mail for inquiry about the course Syllabus. The instructor will be your point of contact for this question.

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Why can't I find content in my course.


Our instructors sometimes use outside resources such as a Publisher website or 3rd party content. Look for the Syllabus or News item or a NWF State College E-mail to gain direction. Contact the instructor by looking for the E-mail or phone number in the course Syllabus. Alternatively, you may click Classlist in your D2L course and click the instructor's name to begin an E-mail for inquiry about the content. The instructor will be your point of contact for this question.

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Why am I having trouble getting the videos in the course to play?


Videos take more resources on your computer than normal content. Be sure your system is setup to handle videos by being sure these things are installed. Trying another browser often quickly solves this problem.



D2L Brightspace System Checking Resulting Screen


  • Students may need one or more of the following plug-ins for certain files or videos to open and play. Be sure to update and/or install these.
  • Install these Adobe products: Air, Shockwave
  • Try another browser. If the video fails in one browser, sometimes it works well in another. (Try Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari.) Always try to be agile with using different browsers in an online course.
  • Refresh the page particularly if you have made any adjustments to your system in trying to get the video to play.
  • Make sure pop-up blockers aren't interfering. Allow pop-ups for the site.
  • If you are on a wireless network, try it on a wired connection. Some of these videos are big and might be very slow loading on a wireless network.
  • Try another computer in a different location. Some of the more rural areas where our students live have very slow Internet speeds for loading these large video files. Take a drive to a local library or a NWF State College campus (if you live nearby) and try watching the videos at another location. (This is a part of Online Learning preparedness!)
  • If several videos are on one page, wait until they all finish loading before trying to play the first one.
  • Report the problem to the instructor to be certain the video plays in another location.

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Why am I getting an error when attempting to upload an assignment document to the course Dropbox?


Do not use $& or any special characters in the name of your D2L Dropbox assignment file. Be sure to use a short name for the file with no periods. These things may cause an error to be produced in D2L Brightspace. Example to avoid in a file name: Professionals&TheWorkEnvironment.docx instead use ProfAndWorkEnv.doc

Large file may be troublesome to upload. Consider condensing the file format, using an .mp4 format for videos or trying the upload with a different browser.

Know that iPads and tablets may not have the functions to upload files to the D2L Dropbox. You may need to acquire use of a Windows machine. Review the Is Your Computer Ready webpage of information when taking our online courses.

Those creating files with Office for Mac may need to save in .doc format instead of .docx for the upload to work.

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My instructor is using Turnitin for plagiarism checking. Why doesn't my file show a percentage match?


Some faculty will regularly check your work for plagiarism; this service is called Turnitin. File types currently supported for plagiarism checking are .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .hwp, and .html. If you are not submitting a file with the type from this list, your document will not pass the necessary checks. Reformat your file and resubmit. Know there is a date and time stamp on your digital work.

There is also a wait time given the size of your file. Check back later if the percentage does not display quickly.

Your instructor may not elect to show you the percentage match for plagiarism. Contact the instructor.

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Why won't my quiz start?


The quiz start begins with a pop-up page and ends with a pop-up page. Do you have pop-up blockers in place? If so, allow the pop-ups for the D2L site.

Notice the quiz dates. You will not be able to access the quiz outside of its dates of availability.

Some quizzes require a password. Have you been given the password? Contact the instructor.

As a side note: Read the information on the quiz start page! Take special note of time limits if they exist. Some settings will not allow you to submit the quiz if you go beyond the time limit.

Best practice in quizzes is to save every question as you go. That way if there is a power outage or some unforeseen circumstances, all questions that had been answered will be in the record for your account for that D2L quiz.

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My instructor uses a publisher site and I have questions about access codes or the site.


The best contact is your instructor. Click Communication/Classlist and click your instructor name to send an email about questions regarding the publisher content use.

Also, note the support sites on our faculty page for gaining support from some of the frequently used publishers.

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