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College Credit Certificates (CCC) range from eleven (11) to forty-two (42) credits in length, although most are comprised of thirty (30) credits, and require approximately one academic year to complete. Courses in these certificates include professional and technical skills, with an emphasis on practical application.

Each of the NWF State College Credit Certificates is paired with a companion A.S. degree program. Upon successful completion of the college credit certificate, the student may receive credit toward approximately 45% to 50% of the course requirements in the companion degree program. Conversely, students who successfully complete the technical credits within a companion degree program may qualify for graduation from the appropriate certificate program. In this manner, students may receive two graduation credentials from the college. Students should work closely with an advisor to plan their studies in a way to take advantage of this opportunity.


Emergency Administrator & Manager (CCC)


Homeland Security Emergency Manager (CCC)


Fire Officer Supervisor (CCC)


Business Management (CCC)


Office Management (CCC)


Office Specialist (CCC)



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