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Are You Ready?

                       Online Students


NWF Online Campus offers students the ability to take control of their own education by working and learning at times and places convenient to them. 


Does this describe you? Statistics show that students who will likely be successful in online learning:

  • are strongly motivated, organized and work well independently
  • are good at communicating through writing
  • are willing to commit designated hours of their week toward coursework
  • are typically older than 18 years of age
  • have shown success in other distance learning activities
  • have a study environment(s) void of distractions
  • have a strong and reliable Internet connection with computer access
  • have acquired sound basic technical skills but will ask for assistance if problems arise.


Do you have these basic computer skills?

  • Can I navigate the Internet (understanding browsers, searching, using the back/forward/home options in a browser, printing pages, downloading documents, refreshing a browser page, understanding what a URL is, allowing sites in a pop-up blocker)?
  • Can I save a document in .doc or .docx or .pdf format with your word processing tools?
  • Do I know how to send and/or receive files in email?
  • Can I send a Word attachment via email?
  • Can I download and upload files from my local hard drive?
  • Do I know about proper Netiquette?
  • Do I have basic computer literacy skills?


Is your computer ready? 

  • Have you run a D2L System Check?  We use D2L Brightspace as our Learning Management System. Be sure your computer passes the system check.
  • Do you have at least a Windows 7 or Mac OS 10 computer/laptop.
  • Do you have high-speed Internet Access?
  • Do you have more than one browser on your computer (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)?
  • Do you have Adobe Acrobat Reader and can open .pdf files?
  • Do you have Word Processs software that allows you to save and open .docx files?


If you are ready, we are ready to bring college to you! 

As a student of NWF Online Campus, you have the right to use the computers located at the Learning Resource Center, Academic Success Center, or one of the other open computer labs located on a NWF State College campus.


Distance learning classes carry the same course numbers and credits as their traditional counterparts and appear on the student's transcript just like any other course; there is no designator identifying a class as distance. Credits earned through distance learning are transferable and are applicable toward graduation requirements in the same manner as traditional classes apply toward graduation.

  Student can work on laptops in many locations to do online work!    




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