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Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree: Management and Supervision

  • NWF State College is approved by the State of Florida Board of Education to offer the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Management and Supervision (BAS). The BAS degree offers students a unique opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for career advancement in a variety of areas. Program content has been developed with input from local employers and is reflective of traditional business management degrees, as well as of the technical skills identified by various professional organizations. The BAS program provides a career-ladder for students who have already completed an associate’s degree and who wish to continue their education at the bachelor’s level, or beginning students may design a program of study for the degree as early as the freshman year if they have not yet obtained an associate’s degree. Students receive the full range of articulation and transfer rights guaranteed by Florida law through common course numbering and the statewide articulation agreement.
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Bachelor of Science Degree (BS): Nursing

  • The program is an R.N. to B.S.N. degree career ladder and is open to applicants who currently hold a valid Registered Nursing license and have completed an accredited ADN or diploma program. The program can be completed in three to four semesters. Program content for the B.S.N. program meets those specified in Florida’s A.S. to B.S. Articulation Manual. All theory courses are taught 100 % online from the NWF State College Niceville Campus, and clinical instruction can be completed near to the student's residence.
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Bachelor of Science Degree (BS): Early Childhood Education, Birth through Four

  • The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Birth through Four is designed to prepare students to work in programs serving children ages 0-4 years. Graduates will be prepared for advancement in the Early Childhood career field. The degree offers a career ladder for students earning the Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education at NWF State College, which includes the five state-mandated prerequisite courses. A.S. students will complete an additional 18 hours of General Education classes during their upper division coursework, after admission to the Early Childhood Education program. Students earning an A.A. may also enter this program after completing the state-mandated prerequisite courses. These students will complete technical classes during their upper division coursework after admission to the Early Childhood Education program. For a detailed summary of graduation requirements for this degree program, see the NWF catalog Bachelor of Science graduation requirement section. 
  • Catalog Information about the BS in Early Childhood Education


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