Northwest Florida State College

Admission and Registration Steps

                       Online Students


NWF Online Campus courses are designed to extend the reach of our physical campuses to help meet our students’ unique educational needs. 

Before enrolling in classes at the NWF Online Campus, you will first need to be admitted to the College. Once you have completed the admission requirements, work with your advisor to determine which of our many NWF Online Campus courses are right for you.


Step 1 - Apply


Step 2  - Plan


Step 3 - Register

  • Register for Online Courses
  • Email to your personal email will contain your Raidernet account information.
  • Login to Raidernet, click the Student tab, register for classes. Remember to choose "Online" within the options once logged into Raidernet 2.0 for finding online classes.


Step 4 - Pay


Step 5  - Prepare


Step 6 - Know Key Dates

  • Look through the Academic Calendar for information about the add/drop period and important class dates.


Step 7 - Login, Study, Learn


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