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Why NWF Online?

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We Bring College to You!




Affordable Tuition


  • Tuition and Fees are extremely affordable.
  • Students may take advantage of an e-Rate.
  • Online courses remove daily commuting expenses.
Attain a Degree!


  • Attain a Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, or Certificate completely online.
  • Enjoy our quality programs, courses and instructors.
Online Courses are Accessible Everywhere!


  • Travel while you complete coursework, even overseas!
  • Deployment works with online courses.
Online Courses Fit into Your Schedule!


  • Enjoy flexible scheduling throughout Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Build Your Network!


  • Reach out to our outstanding instructors and your classmates.
  • Use NWF Online Campus for technical support and student resources, such as our virtual advising.
  • Network with our outstanding instructors and your fellow peers for your future.

Testimonials from our online faculty and students.

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