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What is Online Campus?

The NWF Online Campus is not a branch campus of Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC).  NWF Online Campus is a service unit encompassing programs and courses taught at a distance using educational technology.   This includes courses and programs taught online.  Staffing and services are provided with personnel and resources that also support traditional and hybrid courses.  Programs of study and courses offered by the Online Campus have the essential qualities characteristic of distance education courses. 


Mission of NWF Online Campus

The NWF Online Campus will support the core mission of NWF State College by providing the resources and services to satisfy the educational needs of a diverse academic community. The Online Campus will promote teaching excellence and student achievement by cultivating a feature-rich learning ecosystem, establishing agreements with organizations, colleges, and universities, and employing best practices in online education.


Vision for 2020

The NWF Online Campus will implement innovative solutions and form strategic alliances to meet the needs of the NWFSC academic community and to position NWFSC as a leader in distance education.



1.  NWF Online Campus will provide support to faculty to ensure distance learning courses maintain rigor equitable to that of traditional courses. 

2. NWF Online Campus will monitor and assess student satisfaction with distance learning courses.

3. NWF Online Campus will increase community awareness of distance learning courses and program offerings.

4. NWF Online Campus will participate in professional development activities and maintain membership in state, regional and national organizations to learn about current trends and best practices concerning instructional technology and online education.


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